External Faculty Collaborations


Frank Rosinia, MD, MHCM was the Chair of Anesthesiology and Nikos Papanikolaou, PhD, MBA  is the Chief of Medical Physics at UT Health San Antonio. Drs. Rosinia and Papanikolaou provides clinical experience and know-how when solving healthcare operations and treatment planning problems.


Shaunak Dabadghao, PhD and Ahmadreza Marandi, PhD are Assistant Professors in Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology. Drs. Dabadghao and Marandi help design optimal intervention policies for robust optimization problems.

Justin Boutilier, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Management Analytics for Social Good at the Telfer School of Management within the University of Ottawa. Dr. Boutilier provides expertise in combining optimization and machine learning to improve the quality, access, and delivery of radiotherapy.

Arthur Yeh, PhD is a Professor in Applied  Statistics and Operations Research at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Yeh provides expertise on statistical process control tools that can be applied to radiotherapy plan QA.

Kasey Faust, PhD is an Associate Professor in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the UT Austin. Dr. Faust provides expertise on designing sustainable services for marginalized communities.

Current Students

Kai Sun, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Management Science and Statistics at UTSA. He develops robust and equitable scheduling solutions to staffing challenges faced by healthcare practitioners, and works collaboratively with a team of managers and physicians at University of Texas Health at San Antonio.

Publication: Equitable Anesthesiologist Scheduling under Demand Uncertainty using Multi-Objective Programming

Past Students

Sruthi Sivabhaskar, PhD is starting as a Medical Physics resident at UT Southwestern Medical Center. During her doctoral work at UT Health San Antonio, Sruthi developed machine learning algorithms for radiotherapy quality control.


Ruiqi Li, PhD is currently a Medical Physics resident at UT Southwestern Medical CenterDuring his doctoral work at UT Health San Antonio, Ruiqi contributed towards developing robust AI-assisted predictive models for cancer radiotherapy planning.


Pallav Routh, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He completed his Ph.D. in Marketing at UTSA. Previously, Pallav contributed towards developing robust predictive models that improve customer relationship management.

Publication: Estimating Customer Churn under Competing Risks

Reisa Widjaja is currently a doctoral student in Management Science and Statistics at UTSA. As part of the team, Reisa contributed towards developing personalized quality control tools for cancer radiotherapy plan evaluation. 

Publication: Treatment Plan Quality Control using Multivariate Control Charts